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Foundational issues in psychophysiology and psychophysics

Selected publications

J. Wackermann: Rationality, universality, and individuality in a functional conception of theory. Int. J. Psychophysiol. 62: 411–426 (2006)

J. Wackermann: Psychophysics, or algebra of primary experience? In Fechner Day 2007 (eds. S. Mori, T. Miyaoka, & W. Wong, Tokyo: Intl. Society for Psychophysics), pp. 51–56

J. Wackermann: Jenseits der psychophysischen Dualität. Wirklichkeit des Geistes. In Geist als Ursache? Mentale Verursachung im interdisziplinären Diskurs (eds. M.F. Peschl & A. Batthyany, Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2008), pp. 189–221

J. Wackermann: Anthropological turn: A missed chance for psychophysics? In Fechner Day 2009 (eds. M.A. Elliott et al., Galway: Intl. Society for Psychophysics), pp. 143–148

J. Wackermann: Psychophysics as a science of primary experience. Philos. Psychol. 23: 189–206 (2010)