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Jiř Wackermann was born 1955 in Roudnice n.L., Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic).

He studied Psychology in the Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague, where he acquired his D.Phil. in 1985. After a short period of activity as clinical psychologist he moved to the Institute for Physiological Regulations of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. There he received post-graduate training in Normal and Pathological Physiology, and participated in psychophysiology research. Thereafter he was employed in Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics of the Psychiatric Centre in Prague.

After his post doc years (1991–93) spent in Zurich, Switzerland, he returned to Prague and founded Neuroscience Technology Research Ltd, a company developing applications for clinical and experimental neurophysiology, where he worked until his leaving for Germany (1998). There he was active for sixteen years at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology in Freiburg i.Br., and thereafter as a freelance consultant and biomedical data analyst.

At present he lives in Elz Valley in South Germany, being occupied mostly with arts photography and other private interests.